When is the Grad Night Party?

  • Saturday, June 6th 2020
  • Time: 7 pm – 7 am

What is Grad Night?

  • Please see our About section for an explanation and description!

How much are tickets?

  • $50/ticket, if paid by cash or check
  • $55/ticket, if paid by PayPal

Who can go to Grad Night?

  • Forest Grove High School Class of 2020 Seniors are the only people who may go to the Grad Night Party.

Can I do anything to help Grad Night?

  • YES! WE ALWAYS NEED MORE HELP! Monthly planning meetings are always Second Wednesday of every month 7-8 pm in the Library, please join us!  Or please contact us if you are interested in helping.
  • If you are a business, please see our Sponsors page for more info.
  • DONATE to our Go Gund Me-https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/grad-night-2020

What should my child bring to Grad Night?

  • First they need a WAIVER! They must have this to get on the bus to Grad Night.  No student without a waiver will be allowed to participate in Grad Night!
  • They should bring a swimsuit and a towel!
  • NOTHING ELSE.  Seriously.  No cell phone, no water bottle, no video camera.  We are supplying everything else your child will need!

Why can’t my child bring a phone to Grad Night?

  • Phones are not allowed so that students may not call out/text others.  We do not want people arriving at the location or students leaving the location during the course of Grad Night.  Remember, the goal is safety!

Is there a process for holding student’s valuables, keys, and belongings?

  • Yes!  Each student will have a manila envelope with their name on it.  Their belongings will be placed in the envelope, sealed, and kept with a parent volunteer for the duration of the evening.

My child has food allergies?  Can they be accommodated?

  • There will be a wide variety of food available.  However, if your child has severe food allergies or several food allergies it would be best for them to bring their own food.  Place the student’s food in a bag or small cooler with their name on it to be checked in when boarding the bus.  On arrival at the location it will be brought to the kitchen.  The student may then go to the kitchen (where their items will be kept separate from other food items) and food will be distributed at the students request.

What if there is an emergency and my child needs to get in touch with me?

  • All parent volunteers will have phones and allow students to use them if an emergency arises.