Monthly Meeting Minutes

Grad Night 2020

Meeting Minutes

9/11/19 @7:00pm

  1. Introduction of Angee Brewer, LaAna Littlefield and Stephanie Morgan (Anndee Jorgenson absent)
  2. Need fundraiser chair
  3. Fundraisers
    1. Pie fundraiser – was around $6000 – October
      1. Envelopes should have been distributed last 3 days – Angee will verify they are being distributed at advisory
      1. 5 people to help distribute October 17th
      1. Need to find out delivery time
      1. Need to be ready as soon as school is out on the 17th, ready in the cafeteria for kids to pickup
    1. Christmas wreaths & garlands
    1. Bottle drops – Angee will distribute bags – Tracey Swenson will coordinate
    1. Online auction – in April
    1. Parr lumber – Corrinne Reasoner – Tanya Motes will reach out about grill – raffled at Jam the Gym – tickets also sold at previous games
    1. Spring concessions
      1. Melissa Kintz – will take charge of softball
    1. Dine & donate (10% etc) – Amber Lewis will chair
      1. Taco trucks at Rose Grove
    1. Buy out option $200 – will go out in an email (abt $1400)
    1. Business donations
    1. 50/50 raffle
    1. Selll water and candy at dances – Shelley
  4. LaAna gave an overview of Grad Night
    1. Has a place and entertainment group under contract
    1. Probably around $28,000 for venue and entertainment – transportation around $800 (still waiting for bill from last year)
    1. Tickets $50
    1. 9pm – 7am on graduation night
    1. Working opportunities and scholarships for kids that need to earn the money (usually work two games)
  5. Inclusive of everyone
  6. Sign up for 2020 grad night Facebook page
  7. LaAna is trying to setup Venmo in place of Paypal
    1. Venmo can’t work with non-profits.
    1. If facebook page is setup as a nonprofit then donations can be received and no fees – Angee will invite Steph as admin
  8. Have to avoid other clubs fundraisers and can’t use school resources
  9. website