Monthly Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2017

Our philosophy – make sure that our seniors have a safe graduation night.  It is a national program.


Officers/Sub-Committee Leaders Present – Marie, LaAna, Karin, Sue, Brenda, Mandy

Approve last minutes – LaAna, Mandy

Finances (Brenda)

  • Last month ending balance – $2833.31
  • Income $77 + $92.05 – football 50/50 raffles
  • Expenses $136.72 – envelops/copies/tape for pie fundraiser
  • $50.95 – PO box
  • New Balance -$2814.66

Event (LaAna)

  • We have a venue reserved and an entertainment company to help with activities (~$21K) – includes foot, can flex some
  • We can’t say what the venue is for safety
  • We will need approximate $1000 for the entertainment, $1000 for venue – but venue is flexible (they know we are fundraising)
  • Hawaiian theme – that will help with the advertisement

Fundraising (Sue)

  • Blue bags for bottle drop – $524 (it sits in the account, 2 weeks to get it out)
  • Somer sent out an e-mail and did remind – we are up to 179 kids
  • Need someone (on a Saturday) to do the can food drive – need a trailer that could store (can only turn in a certain amount)
  • Pie sales

o   we make $7/pie – Mon/Tue – need 1 more parent in the common area to collect at lunch (11am-2pm)

o   Pies arrive – Nov 9th

  • In December – we have permission for Jam the Gym to do a 50/50 raffle + bigger raffle

o   Need donation for the raffle

  • Homecoming dance – we were asked to sell concessions – let Sue know if you want to do that
  • Sue to send Mandy the list of Panda/Pizza so she can put it on Facebook

Survey (Jen)

  • 113 kids responded
  • 63% said they were likely
  • Top activities – laser tag, escape room, music/dancing, pool, henna tattoos, photo booth
  • Discussion on price
  • Why might they not attend?  Friends aren’t going, tickets too much, can’t be without cell phones

Connecting With Businesses (Carol)

  • Submitted letters to past supporters
  • We already got a donation
  • Cinch bags from Steele – they already have 150
  • We may got something from Elk Lodge – they are donating to Banks, Gaston, FG

New Business

  • Essay fundraiser

o   Discussion – some families are already giving graduation gifts, concerns, etc.

o   It is optional

o   Show of hands – does anyone oppose – no

o   Sue will draft the e-mail.

Because we are a non-profit, there are protocols that we need to follow

  • If you have an idea, make sure you get it 2nd by Sue, Marie, Karin

Marie – See if we can get our money from Senior parking.

We need to pay for our insurance.  Marie will call the company.

We will need to pay for our domain name.

OK for Mandy to work on our web page.

Sue – Send out the name of the contact who can put our minutes onto the district tab.  Molly Herbst


  • When they get their tickets – they can put their name on a board
  • Get a wood surf board – give as a momento/parent raffle/etc.
  • Get kids to volunteer with Elks?
  • Discussion on selling tickets earlier

Next Agenda

  • Tickets/Ticket Prices
  • Promotion ideas